If you are seeking summer internships in Ireland in 2022, now is the time to start looking at what’s available.

Summer internships in Ireland allow you to experience Irish culture and enjoy a range of summer events such as music festivals, (occasional!) sunny days on the beach, city-centre events and outdoor markets.

Summer internships in Ireland also suit students undertaking academic programmes which require an internship in Ireland as part of their academic programme or for candidates who simply want to spend the summer gaining experience in their chosen career-path.

Summer internships in Ireland range from short-term (2 weeks) to long term (12 weeks) and popular areas include tourism, hospitality, sales and marketing and volunteer work.

Here are some of our most popular summer internships in Ireland;


Accommodation can be difficult to find during the summertime in Ireland (especially Dublin) due to the large influx of language students, Erasmus+ applicants and interns coming for summer internships in Ireland.

We offer both host family accommodation and city-centre residence accommodation. If you are interested in a summer internship in Ireland, it is necessary to reserve your accommodation by the end of March at the latest because after this date most of our host families and apartments are already full!

Host family accommodation is full-board (breakfast, packed lunch, hot dinner and light supper) and you will stay in a single room with WIFI included. As all our host families are based in the suburbs, it will be necessary to travel by public transport to the city centre. You can read more about this in our helpful blog ‘Transport in Dublin’.

City-Centre accommodation allows you to walk to the city centre and live with other international students and interns and also includes a single room and free WIFI.

City-Centre apartments are self-service, so the money you save from walking into town and not using public transport may be spent on food!

If you decide to source accommodation yourself, a popular website is and there are also several Facebook groups devoted to student and budget accommodation.

The Booking Process

We usually advise all interns to start planning your internships in Ireland for summer 2022 in January.

Planning your programme can take up to 6 weeks and this is the standard procedure;

  1. Decide on your internship programme (type of internship, accommodation duration & start date)
  2. Contact our team
  3. If we decide to proceed with the programme, we issue your invoice which includes our 50% deposit and accommodation fees. Full pricing details can be found on our ‘Pricing’ page.
  4. Once payment has been received we then allocate you to a host company and reserve your accommodation if required.
  5. Then the countdown to your start date begins!    
  6. Good luck planning for your summer internship!



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