“I am currently six weeks into my remote internship in Digital Marketing with an organic tea company based in Galway, Ireland. This experience has been both culturally and professionally enriching”

I am working daily on Digital Marketing and SEO tasks. These tasks involve creating product descriptions, blog articles, and social media posts that can rank effectively in search engines, as well as revising old product descriptions to improve their current rankings. I have also been assigned additional research tasks aimed at finding new ways to improve the website’s user-friendliness and I am learning about how to set up and managing an Amazon online store.

Each Monday we hold online conferences during which we set the major goals and tasks for the following week. I report directly to the Marketing Manager and she is teaching me a lot about Digital Marketing and SEO. She is always available and helpful whenever I have questions and doubts. I also interact often with the owner and manager, a professional herbalist and tea expert who has followed me and helped me from day 1.

This placement is giving me the opportunity to apply my existing Digital Marketing skills, as well as expanding my knowledge in this field. In the past, I have always managed regular websites that revolve around the main blog but I am learning how to perform Digital Marketing tasks within an e-commerce / online store context. Interning has also been a great chance to learn a lot about the world of tea: how it is harvested, how it is processed, why are there so many variants, and what are their properties and health benefits.

The entire staff has been very friendly and helpful. People come from different countries and have different professional backgrounds and skills which complement each other to make this company so vibrant and successful. I am very happy I chose to intern with them and I am looking forward to continuing learning and gaining new skills in the following weeks.



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