Our most popular areas are tourism, sales, marketing and hospitality, but we offer internships in all areas and in the past have sourced internships in such diverse areas as brewing, construction and journalism.

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We offer two types of accommodation – homestay and city centre residence.

Homestay is with Irish families, with a single room and a light laundry service. Our homestay accommodation is full board which includes breakfast, dinner and supper with access to kitchen to prepare your own lunch.

Homestay families are located in suburban Dublin, so this option involves travelling by bus to school every day.

City centre residence is offered in apartments located in the centre of town. Single and shared rooms are available and room with private shower and toilet can be found on request. Our city centre residence option is self-service, so interns will need to cook their own meals.


Rent in Dublin can range from €450 per month for a shared room to €700 or more for a studio or one bedroom apartment.

We offer host family and student accommodation, which can vary from €220 – €260 depending on the time of the hear (high season or low season). Prices outside of Dublin are considerably cheaper, we would recommend checking popular website www.daft.ie for an idea of prices.

Eating Out

Eating out in Ireland will probably cost between €70 – €100 a week.


The cost of an average journey on a bus in Dublin is about €2.50 and will depend on the number of fare stages traveled. Exact money is needed – no change is given. Weekly and monthly Dublin Bus passes will save money for regular travel. They can be bought at a discounted price if you obtain a Student TravelCard.

The best option to travel is a LEAP card.


Our city centre accommodation is in the centre which allows you to walk to your internship (unless your host company is outside the centre) but host family accommodation is in the suburbs which means a bus journey is necessary.


Cinema tickets cost between €7 to €12 depending on what time and where you see the film.

Entrance fees to nightclubs generally vary between €7 and €15 depending on the venue. On average, a pint of beer in Dublin costs about €5 and a glass of wine costs about €6. However, prices can vary quite significantly between bars.

If cigarettes are part of your lifestyle, you are likely to find them expensive in Ireland at around €10 for a packet of 20. There is a ban on smoking in any workplace, which means that it is prohibited to smoke in bars and restaurants.

Non-EU applicants will need to apply for a visa to undertake internships in Ireland. If you are from any of these countries, you will need to apply for a visa. In order to apply for a visa, there are certain conditions that need to be met, such as sufficient funds in your bank account. A full list of these requirements can be found here.

Full details of our application process can be found HERE.


It can be read in full HERE.

We can also offer a range of other services. These services are as follows;

  • Airport transfer – between €40 – €90 (one way) depending on location of your accommodation
  • Insurance – €150 for full academic year for shorter courses please contact Welcome Ireland
  • Various cultural activities

For any other requests we would be glad to help, just ask!